• Gold Phaistos Coin on Gold Rosary Necklace
Style# N104.G.GMA - 01

Gold Phaistos Coin on Gold Rosary Necklace

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Carry one of the most mystifying artifacts in history close to your heart with this Ettika Phaistos Coin Rosary Necklace. The Phaistos Disk is a round disk with easily decipherable symbols, yet their meaning in relation to eachother is still unknown to this day, even the origin of the disk is still a mystery. It's a fantastic way to honor the ingenuity of an unknown civilization while looking quite mysterious yourself. Material: Wooden beads on gold plated curb link chain. Necklace Length: 32 inches Bead Diameter: .5 inch Charm Diameter: 1.25 inches Care Instructions: To maintain top qualitiy we recommend no exposure to water. Made in USA.

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