Life is a Party!

Life is a party - DRESS LIKE IT! We're all 'bout this.

To clarify, dressing like a party doesn't mean wearing a lampshade on one's head *derisive polite laugh.* It does, however, mean that you should be vibrant, colorful and fun! This is something we here at Ettika think is a totally fabulous way to go about your every day.

Friendship Bracelets - we LOVE this trend and LOVE the vibe behind it. So classic.

Barefoot Sandal - C'mon! going barefoot just got boho-chic party glam! Don't forget the pedi... mhmm.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet - If loving cowrie shells is wrong - we don't want to be right!

LIFE IS A PARTY... a great thing to keep in mind at all times. Here at Ettika we love to dress the part, don't you?

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