Ettika wants to give you discounts just for sharing

Yes, it's true - simply sign up for the Ettika Referral Program and get discounts to share lovely handmade bohemian jewelry from sunny Los Angeles, California. How does it get better than that? So tell your friends, tell your dog, tell everyone you meet for the rest of your life about this awesome deal. The more love you spread, the more love you get (karma??), so be sure and sign up, get your exclusive sharing code and start loving, like yesterday.

More than a discount

Catch this: one of the most righteous things about our referral program is that not only do you get a discount for sharing, but you also get 10% back of your friend's purchases - 10% BACK! So just imagine - you get a discount just for telling your friends about the coolness that is Ettika, and you get 10% of their purchase right back.

Have a huge heart?

Do you have a huge, ginormous heart like we do at Ettika? Well, probably the coolest aspect of the Ettika referral program is that is the ability for three choices as to where your rewards go. If you happen to have that huge heart, then you can donate to charity. Yes, you heard right, send your 10% right to charity and get that elusive good night's sleep. If you want your friend to get a bit of your boundless love than you can even send your share right back to your friend, letting them know just how much you appreciate them.

3 Simple Steps

So let's recap, shall we?

  1. Sign up for the Ettika referral program
  2. Grab your exclusive sharing code and share like a bell
  3. Get discounts and pick where you want your 10% to go

That's enough talk, let's start loving, start participating in the Ettika Referral Program now!

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