The Bohemian Trend- Ettika Stands Out From The Crowd

Posted: Dec 18 2015

The bohemian culture emerged after the French revolution, when people began to embrace the nomadic lifestyle and became heavily inspired by art and creativity. These people dressed freely and simply and lived peacefully. They became known as the first bohemians and so the bohemian Cultural Revolution was born.
At Ettika we believe in free spirit, peace and a bohemian vibe that shows in all our carefully designed pieces. Each of our jewelry pieces is handmade with love, so you get unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Stand out from the crowd with a handcrafted piece from Ettika.
 Our bohemian-inspired range comes in a variety of color, textures, styles and beads and includes adornments for every inch of your body. Although Coachella 2015 is over, trendy, artsy, bohemian pieces are still on trend, with some of favourite celebrities rocking edgy, colorful pieces. Here are some of our top picks of the season:
The most important thing about boho culture is that there are no rules. You are free to make your own statement without worrying about what the rest of the world thinks. Bohemian style effortlessly merges the inspiration of the flower child from the 1960s with contemporary influences. Think flowy dresses, colorful scarves, tyy-dyed skirts and unique Jewelry pieces. Hippie and gypsy styles adapted to reflect modern day trends are also an integral part of this trend. Feathered earings, metal bangles and body jewelry that accentuates your figure are just some of the elemants of gypsy cultures, gypsy girls don’t give a hoot about what the world thinks!
At Ettika our team our passion is to create accessories for all those free-spirited, confident, beautiful girls who want to embrace bohemian culture with the ut-most style. Step away fashionistas, a new era is in town...the era of the boho girls!

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