Ettika Launches Exclusive Website for Retailers

Posted: Aug 03 2015

Ettika Launches Exclusive Website for Retailers

Ettika is proud to launch its exclusive website for retailers both online and brick and mortar stores. Exclusively for our approved retailers, Ettika offers immediate inventory at wholesale prices available on our website. We know you are a busy, successful retailer and have limited time. This is why Ettika allows retailers to order wholesale jewelry online. You no longer have to take time to physically see us at our showroom or tradeshow. We provide access to our exclusively designed jewelry at your fingertips. Sit in the convenience of your office, retail store or at your home and browse our line of fashion jewelry.
We at Ettika are breaking the traditions and moving into the modern world of wholesale accessories. Imagine the convenience of reviewing our Bohemian Jewelry collection online with your team. Everyone can see the beauty and detail of each item right there on their very own screen. This adds a great amount of flexibility and variety to your choices, ultimately enhancing your sales of costume jewelry, trendy jewelry, fashion jewelry, and Bohemian jewelry.
For our brick and mortar clients, we have Los Angeles wholesale jewelry at your fingertips. Ettika is well known in Los Angeles. No longer worry about whether an item is in stock. We display our in stock items right there on the website, making it easy for you to choose something that is immediately available. However, we also have a limited supply section for our retailers only. This allows your store to sell more exclusive items that are not available to mass markets, enhancing the uniqueness of your store. Clients love to have that limited edition piece that few others will have.
Peruse our new collections and plan for your next fashion jewelry campaign. Or utilize our best sellers to draw in your regular clients who love our Bohemian look. With so many collections available, Ettika has something for each of your clients. Choose from Boho Chic, Flower Child, Red Rhapsody, Western Angel, or one of our many varieties in the collections series.
We have everything you need in fashion jewelry. We have bracelets and bangles to adorn those beautiful arms. For a more exotic Bohemian jewelry feel, choose from our body chains, hand chains and head pieces. Choose boot strap or cuff jewelry to create a unique look for your client. Of course we have necklaces, earrings, and rings in fashion jewelry and costume jewelry.
And lets not forget about your male clients. Ettika has a line named Mr.Ettika just for men including bracelets, necklaces and stacks. This is a wonderful fast growing market in Los Angeles wholesale jewelry. Ettika has something for men and women, exclusive and unique to each.
Ettika is leading the way with its exclusive website. The Ettika wholesale website is available exclusively to approved retailers and sign up is required. Let Ettika take you to a new level of business with the opportunity to order wholesale jewelry online. The ease and convenience saves you time and money and provides access to quality fashion jewelry.
Register on our official wholesale website by clicking here:
Ettika exclusive for Free People - Wholesale jewelry

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