Layered Necklaces: Be Fashion-Forward and Celebrity-Like

Posted: Jun 01 2015

Layered Necklaces: Be Fashion-Forward and Celebrity-Like
 The world of fashion is constantly evolving, giving birth to novel ideas by which one can be dressed and styled. In recent years, the trend of layering has been very popular. Whether it is 18kt gold plated Brass jewelry or Bohemian jewelry, you can achieve a more fashion-forward look through layering. It does not take a fashionista to create layers that will captivate attention and complement your overall wardrobe. In this case, follow the tips that we will mention below to help you look better with your trendy jewelry. We have seen such looks recently on Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. 
Vary the Lengths
Varying the lengths of your handmade jewelry is one of the best ways to achieve an excellent look with layers. We suggest mixing finer and shorter chains with longer and thicker ones. Nonetheless, avoid wearing pieces that are in contrast with each other. Try to achieve a complementary look by pairing it with similar types of chain.
Mix and match
If you want to achieve a more distinctive appeal, break free from the ordinary. Let go of the boring and be ready to be more experimental. In this case, we recommend that you layer using trendy jewelry with different colors, materials, and textures. For instance, pearls and leather, with gold chains and Semi precious stones can be mixed to achieve an elegant look.
Keep it Thin
Another thing that we recommend when layering accessories, such as Bohemian jewelry, is to keep it as thin as possible. Make sure that the pieces you will combine are not too chunky to achieve a slimmer appeal.
Make it Dramatic
In the past, achieving a celebrity inspired fashion statement with the use of layered necklaces is done only through embracing the concept of minimalism. Today, however, we are seeing that a lot tend to opt for more dramatic styles, characterized by using more pendants and elaborate designs. Having pendants in different spots and adding a pop of color will also make your layered necklace more contemporary and less boring.
Use Layered Necklaces
At the end of the day, the best thing that we can recommend is to buy layered necklaces. Whether it is Bohemian jewelry or any other style, you can buy those that are already layered. These necklaces have been designed by experts, making sure that the materials and design are already complementary with each other. This is going to eliminate the guesswork on your end, and you never have to experiment with what will work best for you. This is a hassle-free way to achieve celebrity inspired fashion through wearing layered necklaces.

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