Behind The Stone: The Meaning of Turquoise

Body charms, statement earrings, anklets and rings with turquoise detailing have become one of this year’s most popular boho chic trends, but turquoise is more than just a gorgeous, bright blue stone! With a rich history and heritage and various symbolic meaning, Turquoise is an amazing charm stone that will bring a balance to your life.
The Stone of an Independent Woman
Turquoise symbolizes various features and amazing qualities, all which can be related to a fun, independent and confident woman. With its gorgeous, vibrant shade, turquoise represents femininity, but it is also believed to bring spiritual balance to the person wearing it. It’s a stone that captures and spreads calmness, patience and love, so it is the perfect choice if you are looking for something fun yet calming. Even its color, this beautiful, vivid mix of blue and green represents a cheerful and creative vibe.
Its origins
The discovery of Turquoise can be dated all the way back to 3200 BC, when it was first mined by Egyptians. Turquoise has always been a royal stone amongst different cultures – it can be found on various Egyptian pharaoh tombs and death masks, but it had an important part in both Aztec ad Native American cultures as well, representing love, power and protection (which explain why it was used on death masks and charms). Besides being a symbol of luck, it also had a strong spiritual and religious meaning. While it was known as a powerful stone that could bring to the dead in afterlife, it was also worn by priests and leaders, representing power and spiritual balance.
Throughout the decades, turquoise remained a well-known, precious stone, associated with bringing energy and balance to the wearer’s life, and because of its unique color, it is also one of the most chic jewelry pieces at the moment. Whether mixed with gold, bronze or silver, Turquoise is a great way to create an interesting, boho look with that unique “happy vibe”.
The Perfect Gift idea
To Your Mother
As a symbol of unconditional love, balance and caring, we can’t imagine a better gift for your loved ones, especially to your mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Turquoise is not only a hip, youthful stone, but also an elegant and sophisticated choice that can make any outfit look more luxurious with a pop of color. To make the gift even more special and personal, include a short Thank You not describing the powers and symbols of Turquoise.
To A Friend
Surprise your boho chic, free spirited friend with a statement jewelry featuring turquoise details! Besides looking absolutely gorgeous and having a unique, hip vibe to it, it is also a great way to represent your loyalty and wish creativity and love for her.  Whether she knows a lot about stones or just start to learn about them, she will surely appreciate the meaning of the stone.
Our Gift Picks:
This necklace will look amazing with deep neck and off-shoulder dresses on her! With its gold and turquoise shades and delicate detailing, it is a great choice for formal events.
If you are looking for something more subtle and casual, surprise her with this silver and Turquoise ring, featuring a modern midi ring design
If your mum loves surprising statement jewelry, she will definitely fall in love with our Desert Belle earrings
Outfit Tips
Because of its vivid shade, it might look a bit difficult to mix and match outfits with Turquoise, but there are absolutely no rules when it comes to rocking it. As such a universal and popping color, it looks good with both warm tones (pink, deep orange and bright red), cool shades (other blues, silver and green) and with neutrals (beige, white and black) as well. Our top three favorite styling ideas would have to be…
… an all-white look featuring a maxi dress, gladiator or lace-up sandals and red lipstick
…a beige or taupe suede dress with blue accessories
… a fun, green lace dress with warm toned details
But no matter what you decide to wear with your new Turquoise accessory, make sure to rock it with confidence!

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