Posted: May 01 2017

 Finding the accessory that can express your personality and fits the occasion perfectly can be just as tricky as choosing the right dress or hairstyle. Whether you’d like to make a statement with your earrings or would just like to add a more subtle pair as an elegant finishing touch, we’ve got your back with our earring guide – from casual everyday plans to special occasions.



If you are having any daytime plans with your friends, don’t be afraid to have fun with your look and experiment a bit! A youthful earring with a pop of color can be the perfect choice for a brunch or a walk in the park, especially if your outfit is more neutral and minimalistic. While most people tend to associate statement earrings with being elegant and formal, a daring pair of earrings can perfectly complete a casual look as well.

Our Recommendation: Watch Me Dip Earrings

Wear it with…
…an A-line skirt and a blouse or denim dungarees



Besides the unique atmosphere and great music, festivals are also one of the most fashion-forward environments that give you the opportunity to get crazy and create the outfits of your wildest dreams. With absolutely no fashion rules, you can be as creative as you’d like to be, and for this occasion, we can only recommend earrings that are similarly bold and daring. Instead of the usual flower crowns, try out something different and rock your outfit with a pair of statement earrings. Whether you would like to mix & match, stack your accessories or simply add an extra flare to your look, a boho chic pair with tassels and gold details will fit any festival.

Our Recommendations: Meet at the Stage Earrings

Wear it with…
…a suede dress or lace kimono and a backpack



Whether it’s a part-time student job or a full-time job at the office, we recommend sticking with a more subtle and elegant pair of earrings. Adding stud earrings to your look is the perfect way to make your outfit more feminine and add a touch of your personality while sticking to the fashion policies of your workplace. If you work in the fashion industry or in a more artistic environment, be daring and choose something more playful, such as …

Our Recommendation: Lucky Owl Stud Earrings

Wear it with…
…an A-line skirt and a blouse or denim dungarees



Celebrate your well-deserved Friday night out by adding a twist to your outfit! A boho chic statement pair of earrings with a pop of color is a match made in heaven with any simplistic look, but if you are looking for something vampy and more sultry, pair your outfit with antique silver or gold finish earrings.

Our Recommendation: Fine Lines Earrings

Wear it with…
…a satin crop top and pencil skirt or a flowy maxi dress



We all know the struggle of picking out the perfect date outfit, but instead of panicking and trying out every look from your closet, try to stick with a look that you feel confident and comfortable in. A pair of elegant statement earrings can be the perfect accessories to a minimalist outfit (such as an off shoulder dress or figure hugging jumpsuit), as they will frame your face beautifully while keeping the focus on your characteristics. We recommend finding the balance between a small, subtle stud earring and a very bold piece and going with a delicate, gold or silver pair with pearl details.

Our Recommendation: Flashing Lights Earrings

Wear it with…
…a white, off shoulder dress and a crossbody bag



Little details such as your makeup and accessories are extremely important at a job interview. As you are making a first impression, a polished and well thought-look will make you memorable to your interviewers for all the right reasons. While we all love having fun with daring statement pieces (such as our Passion Project earrings), an elegant, smaller pair is probably the best choice for a job interview (especially if it is an office job).

Our Recommendation: Pyramid Stud Earrings

Wear it with…
…high waist pants and a white or polka dotted blouse

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