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Posted: May 21 2017


As much as we are in love with new, constantly changing jewelry trends, we also like taking a look back at more timeless, classic trends to get inspiration.


Why do we love these trends?

There is always something very unique and edgy about vintage trends. Whether you pick a pair or retro, high-waisted mom jeans or large, 90’s hoop earrings, vintage pieces are super easy to incorporate to any outfit, and they will instantly give your look an experimental, edgy vibe. Besides all the minimalist jewelry trends, adding a vintage bracelet or ring to your look is a fun way to try out something new, and they can be worn to absolutely any event, regardless of your regular, personal style.




A huge trend that has come back is the 90’s choker vibe, and to be honest, we absolutely understand why it has become such as favorite again. Because of their versatile designs (from simple, black velvet chokers to layered, pearl and lace detailed ones), it is really easy to find the perfect one to any outfit, and it looks amazing with off-shoulder and large cut-out looks. Chokers can be layered for a more extravagant effect or can be kept very simple if your outfit is already modern and playful.

Wear it with…

…an oversized denim jacket and a white dress to emphasize the vintage vibe of the choker


Baroque Statement Earrings

Inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana runway collections and accessories, baroque earrings, bracelets and necklaces have been really popular lately. There are endless ways to recreate that special, luxurious baroque vibe with your accessories: choose something with heavy beading, embroidery or pearls, or anything that is gold and a bit over the top. Be creative with your choice and go for something surprising, such as large, floral earrings or a gold coin necklace. To fit the color scheme or baroque, keep the colors rich and bold (such as burgundy, royal blue, gold, black, oxblood and emerald green).

Wear it with… 

… a velvet dress or a structured white blouse


Denim Wraps

There is nothing not to love about the youthful denim wrap trend! Although it’s more of an accessory trend than jewelry, we couldn’t leave it out from our list. Denim wraps are very versatile statement accessories that you can rock in many different ways: to replace your necklace, wear it around your neck, or for a pin-up vibe, wrap it around your bun and put on a bow in it! Besides being cute and fashionable, wraps are also useful and practical for festivals and holidays.

Wear it with…

…a denim dress or an all-white look to combine it with a simple, minimalistic look


Tribal Chic


Antique silver, gold and Turquoise go way back to more tribal, Aztec kind of vibe, and it’s just the perfect jewelry trend to match with any boho chic look. Turquoise has a long history in the world of jewelry, and mixed with antique silver or gold, it will definitely have that tribal, bohemian style. It’s also a perfect gift idea for your friends or loved ones who like experimenting with jewelry and have a playful, fun style.

Wear it with…

…maxi dresses, crops tops and suede skirts to emphasize its style


Disco Vibes


Chain and mesh effect earrings always have that very unique, 70’s and 80’s feeling to them. While gold and silver chain accessories are definitely more sophisticated than the regular, vintage neon colors that vintage jewelries used to have, they still represent that fun, daring era of jewelry trends.

Wear it with…

…a smokey eye makeup look and a leather jacket to capture the retro feeling!


Chains & Hoops


Mixing together small statement hoops with chain detailing is the perfect hip, edgy way to express your love for vintage trends! While the shiny gold chain is giving is 80’s disco vibe, the hoops are representing more the 90’s with their thick, small design, and we are in love with this special combination of elements.

Wear it with…
…a red off-shoulder dress to keep the focus on the earrings and make the gold shade pop!

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