Necklines & Necklaces: Finding The Perfect Match


 With all the different necklines and top styles, there are endless ways you can mix and match your accessories! Whether you’d like to tone down a large cut out with a small and subtle chain necklace or add a pop to your look by rocking a statement necklace and a Crew Neck T-shirt, matching these necklines and necklaces will be definitely winner style choices.



A longer chain or pendant necklace will instantly make even the most simple black turtleneck sweater more interesting. While the turtleneck has that conservative, smart casual vibe to it, a bold crystal or layered chain necklace can turn it into a sophisticated, feminine piece. Since your neck area is already very busy with the turtleneck and long necklace, keep your earrings and hair accessories very simple.

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Off Shoulder Tops

The great thing about off shoulder tops is that they effortlessly accentuate your shoulders and collar bone, and to keep these areas in focus, we recommend matching this neckline with a beautiful choker. As the choker trend has been everywhere lately, you have endless options to choose from: for a daytime look, match your off shoulder top with a minimalistic velvet choker, and for night out and dates, rock a more daring choker with a pendant or bow detailing!

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Crew Cut T-shirs & Tops

I know, with the material ending right at your neckline, most necklace styles can look funny with a crew cut T-shirt, especially if it has a casual, masculine style… but it will work perfectly with a collar necklace or any short statement piece. A collar necklace with adapt to the cut crew line while emphasizing the laid back vibe of the T-shirt. Match it with ripped jeans a cool leather jacket or floppy hat and you are good to go!

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V Neck Tops

Adapt the shape of your necklace to the shape of your top and choose a beautiful, V shaped necklace! Instead of simple, longer pieces, we recommend trying out more bold necklaces (with bead or crystal details), but if you want something more subtle, a classic bow choker can go perfectly with V neck tops as well.

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Sweetheart Tops

Because of their romantic design, sweetheart tops look absolutely beautiful similarly feminine details and necklaces, such as pearl, floral or crystal chokers, statement necklaces or even pendants. The best choice if you would like to emphasize the sweetheart neckline (whether it’s a casual top or a more fancy dress) is a necklace that has a slight curve to it. On the other hand, if you would like to keep your neck area as open as possible, choose a small, beige or powder pink choker with a bow back detailing.

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Low Cut Tops and Dresses

Low cut dresses and tops usually have a more elegant, daring overall look, which will go great with any layered chain necklace! Because of the dropped design, they will bring attention to the cut out and make it a bit more sultry and luxurious. For this season, we are in love with long pendant necklace that features a small stone (such as Turquoise or Tiger’s Eye) or with a multi layered, simplistic necklace. If the cut out is the on the back, just add a necklace to your look with a lengthened back detail.

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Unique Necklines

Lace up details, asymmetric top cut outs, keyhole and teardrop tops…there are so many gorgeous cut outs that can be so tricky to match with a necklace, but with the right one, it’s definitely not impossible. For more baggy tops with lace up or keyhole designs, choose a thin gold or silver chain necklace with a small drop stone or crystal detailing (which also has a boho chic look to it). These long necklaces will add a subtle shine to the skin area while making the dress less revealing. On the other hand, an asymmetric  design can look really good with a similarly asymmetric, smaller necklace

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