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  • The Art of Stacking Bracelets

    The Art of Stacking Bracelets Once you’ve gathered a collection of various bracelets from simple, subtle golden ones to fringy, colorful statement bracelets, it’s time to learn the art of stacking them and creating interesting looks! We know, it looks all confusing at first: determining what is ... View Post
  • Summer Jewelry Must-Haves

    Summer Jewelry Must-Haves   As we are slowly saying goodbye to May and spring, it’s just about time we start preparing for the summer season! Besides refreshing outfits and different makeup looks, we’ve got a long list of summer jewelry must-haves as well.   The General Summer Jewelry Trends Summ... View Post
  • Ettika Vintage Jewelry Trends

      As much as we are in love with new, constantly changing jewelry trends, we also like taking a look back at more timeless, classic trends to get inspiration.   Why do we love these trends? There is always something very unique and edgy about vintage trends. Whether you pick a pair or retro, high... View Post