The Art of Stacking Bracelets

The Art of Stacking Bracelets

Once you’ve gathered a collection of various bracelets from simple, subtle golden ones to fringy, colorful statement bracelets, it’s time to learn the art of stacking them and creating interesting looks!

We know, it looks all confusing at first: determining what is enough and what is too much, which pieces, shapes and colors go together and what to wear them with sounds too much at first, but just like stacking rings or layering necklaces, it can be super easy with a quick few tricks and tips.

Our Quick Guide

Choose The Statement Bracelets

First and foremost, try to choose one or two bracelets that will be the center piece(s). They don’t have to be very over the top or colorful, but make sure they add a bit of a twist (instead of only stacking very similar, subtle bracelets on top of each other).
Be Creative

Different shapes and colors can go really well with each other in this trend. Since it’s a very bohemian and playful look, adding various shades and shapes to the mix is always a good idea. If you would like to have a bit crazy and fun look, try out mixing neon bracelets (green, bright peach, pink and royal blue), and for a more elegant effect, stick with pastels, white, black or marble pattern bracelets. If you’d only like to add two colors besides gold and silver, our favorite color combinations at the moment are turquoise and red, peach and teal and green and royal blue – these colors are just perfect for the summer time as well!
The Matching Outfit

To make it work, choose an outfit and other accessories that will match the stacked bracelet idea. Any boho chic outfit will look stunning with stacked bracelets as long as there is minimal color coordination (but try to avoid making everything too matchy-matchy). Since the whole concept is having fun with your accessories, don’t be afraid to make it “messy” and choose similarly bohemian clothing items such as kimonos, dungarees, floral dresses and rompers. On the other hand, for special occasions, mix this trend with a long sleeve, mesh dress or a velvet jumpsuit.
Stick to Your Own Style

Don’t forget to add your own flare to the bracelets: if there is a color or pattern combination that you love or a shape (such as stars or moons), make sure to  include that in the mix!
Don’t Go Overboard

Try to stick with 4-5 bracelets instead of adding too much to the mix, especially if you have one or two thicker statement bracelets and a few vibrant colors – you don’t want to display all your jewelry on your arms all at once.
Our Favorite Ettika Stacking Bracelets:

BFF DARK AUTUMN BRACELET – With the gold and dark shades (such as green, dark blue, burgundy and purple) it is the perfect statement piece if you’d like to stack gold and more dramatic bracelets together

CELEBUTANTE BRACELET IN BLACK WITH RHINESTONES – Another statement piece with elegant gold and black mix and a shiny rhinestone layer to make things a bit more interesting.

SO LONG SUPERSTITION BRACELET IN PEACH – The peach and gold mix is great for a more subtle and elegant combination. Because of its interesting shape, it can be matched with other, different shapes (such as hearts, stars) or more loud bracelets

BY YOUR SIDE BRACELET IN LIME AND GOLD – Add a pop of color with this lime green bracelet! The beads combined with the small rhinestones and gold is great for summer night outs or to the beach.

More Inspiration:

◖ l u x  ◗ fashion style beauty blogging ootd dress glam fashionable beauty hair makeup stylin black and white stylin potd potw wander minimalist classy boho jewels jewelry accessories shoes bags and purses fabulous modern trend outfit wear who what stree:

Red, black and gold color combination with tassel and bead details

A cute 'lil stack of some of our newest bracelets :) The lineup: Unity Link, a…:

Minimalist and subtle design with gold pleated elements and small beads

This black bracelet stack is awesome!:

All black shades with a hint of gold and white

Summer Love Bracelet Stack by dAnnonEtsy on Etsy, $58.00:

A truly boho chic stasked bracelet combination with turquoise and white beads

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