Timeless Aesthetic with a Modern Twist

The Ettika brand is founded on the fundamental elements of quality, authenticity, and design. In an industry dominated by disposable, fast fashion, Ettika offers jewelry made from the finest materials at competitive price points.

We create affordable accessories and uncomplicate trends so that you can focus on your best, vibrant, and confident self.

“Jewelry that embodies fierce femininity.”

“Ettika is one of the Cute Jewelry Brands You Should Shop ASAP.”

As timeless as they are wearable, making each style totally worth the investment.”

model laying by pool in ettika jewelry

Inspiring Beauty and Confidence

Our mission is to empower and inspire you to express your unique style and personality.

We are dedicated to creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful, encouraging you to wear what you love, stack your favorites, love freely, and give back to those around you. We design jewelry to help women look and feel their best - because we know a woman’s best accessory is her confidence.


Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship

At Ettika, our pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship shines through our meticulously selected materials: 18k Gold Plated, Rhodium Plated, and Silver Plated. This ensures each piece not only meets our high standards of beauty, durability, and safety for all skin types but also aligns perfectly with your personal style.


18k Gold Plated

Our 18k Gold Plated jewelry is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a luxurious and lasting finish. Each piece is plated over a base of zinc, steel, or brass, providing a perfect balance of beauty and strength.

Rhodium Plated

Rhodium, a rare precious metal known for its exceptional shine and durability, is plated over zinc, steel, or brass to create pieces that stand the test of time without tarnishing. Known for resistance against discoloration, its naturally deeper silver tone is the perfect for an edgy modern look.

silver plated jewelry

Silver Plated

Our latest precious metal is the classic Silver, plated over zinc, steel, or brass to create lighter and classier add to your jewelry collection. Timeless and resistant to tarnishing, the shiner and lighter finish is the perfect blend of sophisticated metal in contemporary form.

Designed in Los Angeles

Nickel Free

Lead Free

Always On Trend

18k Gold Plated

The Founders' Story

Ettika was dreamed into existence by the Rafaeli family - Ettie, Natalie, and Joey - whose passion for design and love for their city sparked the creation of a brand that would capture the essence of Los Angeles living.

Their journey from a small, family-run operation to a global brand is a testament to their dedication, creativity, and the universal appeal of their vision.

The founders' story is woven into the fabric of every piece, reflecting their commitment to beauty, innovation, and the power of a dream.

Founder’s Picks

  • Easy Layers Necklace Set on model
    Black Crystal with 18k Gold Plating Easy Layers Necklace Set
    Regular price €117,95
    Regular price Sale price €117,95
  • Bold & Chunky Chain Link Necklace on model
    18k Gold Plated Bold & Chunky Chain Link Necklace
    Regular price €117,95
    Regular price Sale price €117,95